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Inspiring Images

Objects being weathered, bleached, faded, or discolored fascinate me being inspiring images for new works of art. 

Verweerde, verbleekte, vervaagde of verkleurde objecten fascineren mij en zijn daardoor inspirerende beelden voor

nieuwe kunstwerken. 


Manuela Klerkx (art coach at manuelaklerkx.nl and account manager at galleryviewer.com) on Instagram: "Cor van der Meijden understands the art of making art out of nothing: erased texts, used cardboard, scratched papers from his agenda, newspaper pages, etc. Everything will do as long as he can cut, scratch, erase, paint, and glue it. His collages are carefully composed works of art seen through the eye of an abstract painter who mostly cares about form, line, and colour. The joy Van der Meijden puts in this time consuming, creative process radiates from the work."